Change History for Wiki Start

Version Date Author Comment
15 2 years peter add link to recipecards on GitHub
14 2 years peter added more GitHub links and explanation
13 2 years peter fix URL typos and converted to HTTPS
12 2 years peter link to professional (UMD) GitHub repos
11 2 years peter added GitHub links for CPAN modules
10 4 years peter link to GitHub
9 5 years peter link to the Bookmarks Project page
8 5 years peter link to production site for bookmarks
7 5 years peter added some external links to the flacrip description
6 5 years peter added a link to the collection of all public SVN repos
5 5 years peter added recipecards to the list of projects
4 5 years peter added descriptions of the projects currently with repos on this trac
3 5 years peter link back to the main site
2 5 years peter removed boilerplate, replaced with current projects links
1 5 years trac