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This is my personal bookmark organizer, as a replacement for using It is partially inspired by Jeremy Keith's home-grown bookmarking as well as Pinboard. In its earliest stages, it was a Perl CGI application built with the CGI::Application framework, but I have since switched it to a PSGI application using Plack that runs on Starman.

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This is my collection of idiosyncratic tools for managing my CD collection. It includes tools to rip from CD to FLAC files, and for getting and using metadata from MusicBrainz, for converting from FLAC to MP3 or WAV, and for burning FLAC files back to CDs with (hopefully) perfect round-tripping of the table of contents.

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Recipe Cards

A simple set of scripts and stylesheets for converting a text format for writing recipes into nicely formatted PDF files suitable for printing. It inserts such typographical niceties as vulgar fractions, en dashes for numerical ranges, and degree and inch symbols instead of textual abbreviations.

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See Text::FormBuilder on the CPAN.

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See MP3::Find on the CPAN.

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