Bookmarks Project: Installation Instructions

# cpanminus, plus OS-level dependencies
# NOTE: installing XML::LibXML through the OS package manager rather than cpanm
# currently unable to install the right dependecies to make cpanm XML::LibXML work
$ sudo apt-get install cpanminus libexpat1-dev libxml-libxml-perl

# check out code
$ svn co bookmarks

# install CPAN dependencies
$ cd bookmarks
$ sudo cpanm --installdeps .

# initialize a new bookmarks database
$ bin/bkmk init -f bookmarks.db

# create a barebones server config
# then start the server
$ bin/bkmkd init -D dbname=bookmarks.db
$ bin/bkmkd start

Web app should be available on http://localhost:5000/

# to stop the server
$ bin/bkmkd stop

Bookmarklet code for a "Make Bookmark" bookmarklet:


Be sure to change localhost:5000 to your server name if you are running this behind a reverse proxy on an actual server.

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