Bookmarks Project: Authentication

You can configure authentication for all non-GET requests by adding the following to your server.yml config file:

auth: 1
htdigest: /path/to/htdigest/file
# default realm is "Bookmarks"; uncomment and change if you want to use something different
#realm: Bookmarks

The htdigest file can be created using Apache's htdigest utility:

$ htdigest -c /path/to/htdigest/file Bookmarks user

The htdigest utility comes with the Apache webserver, or in the apache2-utils package if you don't have the full Apache and don't want to install it. The realm you use in the htdigest file must match the realm configuration setting ("Bookmarks" by default).

Configuration Setting Reference

Set to a true value to enable authentication on non-GET requests.
Path to the htdigest-style credentials file. Relative paths are interpreted relative to the server_root location. Required if auth is set.
(Optional) Authentication realm to use. Defaults to "Bookmarks". Must match the realm used in the htdigest file.
(Optional) Secret used during digest authentication. If not provided, one is generated at server startup using Bytes::Random::Secure.
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