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     1= Installing Trac as CGI = 
     4#!div class=important 
     5  ''Please note that using Trac via CGI is the slowest deployment method available. It is slower than [TracModPython mod_python], [TracFastCgi FastCGI] and even [trac:TracOnWindowsIisAjp IIS/AJP] on Windows.'' 
     8CGI script is the entrypoint that web-server calls when a web-request to an application is made. To generate the `trac.cgi` script run: 
     10trac-admin /path/to/env deploy /path/to/www/trac 
     12`trac.cgi` will be in the `cgi-bin` folder inside the given path. ''Make sure it is executable by your web server''. This command also copies `static resource` files to a `htdocs` directory of a given destination. 
     14== Apache web-server configuration == 
     16In [ Apache] there are two ways to run Trac as CGI: 
     18 1. Use a `ScriptAlias` directive that maps an URL to the `trac.cgi` script (recommended) 
     19 2. Copy the `trac.cgi` file into the directory for CGI executables used by your web server (commonly named `cgi-bin`). You can also create a symbolic link, but in that case make sure that the `FollowSymLinks` option is enabled for the `cgi-bin` directory. 
     21To make Trac available at `` add `ScriptAlias` directive to Apache configuration file, changing `trac.cgi` path to match your installation: 
     23ScriptAlias /trac /path/to/www/trac/cgi-bin/trac.cgi 
     26 ''Note that this directive requires enabled `mod_alias` module.'' 
     28If you're using Trac with a single project you need to set its location using the `TRAC_ENV` environment variable: 
     30<Location "/trac"> 
     31  SetEnv TRAC_ENV "/path/to/projectenv" 
     35Or to use multiple projects you can specify their common parent directory using the `TRAC_ENV_PARENT_DIR` variable: 
     37<Location "/trac"> 
     38  SetEnv TRAC_ENV_PARENT_DIR "/path/to/project/parent/dir" 
     42 ''Note that the `SetEnv` directive requires enabled `mod_env` module. It is also possible to set TRAC_ENV in trac.cgi. Just add the following code between "try:" and "from trac.web ...":'' 
     45    import os 
     46    os.environ['TRAC_ENV'] = "/path/to/projectenv" 
     49 '' Or for TRAC_ENV_PARENT_DIR: '' 
     52    import os 
     53    os.environ['TRAC_ENV_PARENT_DIR'] = "/path/to/project/parent/dir" 
     56If you are using the [ Apache suEXEC] feature please see []. 
     58On some systems, you ''may'' need to edit the shebang line in the `trac.cgi` file to point to your real Python installation path. On a Windows system you may need to configure Windows to know how to execute a .cgi file (Explorer -> Tools -> Folder Options -> File Types -> CGI). 
     60=== Using WSGI === 
     62You can run a [ WSGI handler] [ under CGI].  You can [wiki:TracModWSGI#Thetrac.wsgiscript write your own application function], or use the deployed trac.wsgi's application. 
     64== Mapping Static Resources == 
     66See TracInstall#MappingStaticResources. 
     68== Adding Authentication == 
     70See TracInstall#ConfiguringAuthentication. 
     73See also:  TracGuide, TracInstall, [wiki:TracModWSGI], TracFastCgi, TracModPython