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Last change on this file since 71 was 71, checked in by peter, 10 years ago
  • added a Bookmarks::Search class that encapsulates the query, tags, limit, and offset values for a given search
  • Bookmarks::List now has a search attribute that takes a Bookmarks::Search object instead of the individual attributes from the search
  • Bookmarks::get_cotags() takes a Bookmarks::Search object as its search parameter instead of discrete tags and query parameters
  • changed the name of the Bookmarks::get_bookmarks() parameter from tag to tags to align with the rest of the backend APIs
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1package Bookmarks::Search;
3use Moose;
5has query  => (is => 'ro');
6has tags   => (
7    is => 'ro',
8    default => sub { [] },
10has limit  => (is => 'ro');
11has offset => (is => 'ro');
13# module return
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